Icemaker & Water Filtration

Ice makers and ice making equipment are composed of three components in order for the ice maker to produce ice. These are electrical systems, refrigeration cycle and most important: the water supply. The water used for ice making equipment, if not filtered properly, can cause extensive damage to the unit. All major ice manufacturers WILL NOT warranty their equipment if the cause of failure is water related.

San Diego Refrigeration advises all ice maker customers, new or existing units, to invest in an appropriate water filtration system in order to protect your investment and prolong the life of your ice making equipment.

San Diego Refrigeration stocks most water filtration manufacturers’ filters, manifolds, gauges, water regulators, etc. We can size the proper water filtration system for your ice maker(s) determined by the capacity of your equipment. San Diego Refrigeration also offers preventive maintenance programs for all ice making equipment and ice storage bins.

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