Ice Vending Machines & Storage Bins

San Diego Refrigeration specializes in sales and leasing  of top quality Ice makers and bins.

We stock all parts and accessories for all manufacturers.   Please call for additional information.


Ice makers and ice making equipment are vital to many industries such as: sports, medical field, biotech, restaurants, shipping, etc. 

San Diego Refrigeration sells, installs, services, maintains and are warranty and service representatives for all major commercial and industrial ice machine and ice maker manufacturers. San Diego Refrigeration stocks all parts and accessories for all ice maker manufacturers ice making equipment and ice storage bins; items such as ice storage bin legs, doors, hinges, slider doors, deflector shields, adapter kits, ice scoops, shovels, drain fittings, gaskets, bin level sensors, bin stats, motors, water pumps, controllers, refrigerant line sets, fan blades, evaporator coils, condenser coils, panels, solenoid valves and coils, water reservoirs, water deflector shields and much more.

San Diego Refrigeration believes in energy and water conservation. We offer preventive maintenance programs in order to keep electrical and water consumption to a minimum.

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