Hardware and Replacement Parts

San Diego Refrigeration stocks all service parts.  We provide HVAC Thermostats, HVAC Filters, Legs & Castors, Evaporators, Rollers, Hinges and Handles, Gaskets, Condenste Pumps, Doorframe and Evaporators, Icemaker Parts, Cooler, Freezer, Thermostats, Latches, Heaters, Wire Shelves, Strip Curtains, Evaporator Coils, and much more.  

Icemaker Parts

HVAC Filters

Drain Lines, Evaporators and
Dresh Heaters


Gasket Parts


Legs, Castors


Cooler/Freezer Thermostats

Condenste Pumps

Rollers, Hinges, Handles




HVAC Thermostats